The Shiba Inu is a primal dog with excellent olfaction and guardian skills. It's the smallest of the National Japanese breeds, and is classified as a small to medium sized dog.


Height: 33-43 cm.

Weight: 7-11 kg.


FCI Approved colors:

Red, sesame and black & tan.


A Shiba Inu is Charming, Alert, Faithful, Confident, Vigilant and Fearless. 

Trust is a keyword for a good relationship between a Shiba and its owner.

They make excellent familydogs with proper training and upbringing.



Characterstrength and dignity


Sound temper


Natural grace and beauty

BOBp BOGp4 at national show Norway




Nordic Winner Show took place December 12th in Stockholm this year.

42 shibas was entered, 24 of them were females.

We showed both our Queenie and Tea in the Junior Clas. Queenie now 15 months old, Tea 10 months.


Queenie placed 3rd Junior Female with Excellent and CK.

Tea placed 1st Junior Female with Excellent and CK, and won the title

10 junior females was entered.

Tea was also 2ND BEST FEMALE and took the Swedish CAC!

Fantastic results, and just 10 months old, barely a junior!


Thank you so much to judge Annika Ulltveit Moe for appreciating our dogs!


This was our last show this year! Can't wait to see what next year brings!


December 14th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen

Stine Valskar 

mobile: (+47) 412 54 477




Sandvikdalen 19

4208 Saudasjoen







Reg in NKK FCI in 2012

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I almost died when I saw Lisa posting pictures of this female at FB. OMG how could she be available! I allready knew the lines behind her father, half brother to our Queenie, and wow what a look and type! I fell in love with her imediately, and I couldn't get in touch with the breeder fast enough!


I was extatic when I found out that Lila could move to us! Wow, what a christmas present! She is so much like her father, a true diamond!


Thank you so much to Kine Skaugen for this super lovely girl! And to Lisa for posting these wonderful pictures, and making me aware of her!

We are in love!


Lila will be our 3rd addition to our shiba show team and breeding program, and we feel so fortunate!


November 17th | by Stine | Photo by Lisa Johansen, Lila 7 weeks old

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Kennel Ølenskjold


Shiba Inu

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Where our Queenie comes from

and back then our Jack





Good show with good friends :)

All dogs presented themselves great, with good flow and great movement.


Tea 9 months: Best Junior Female with Excellent and CK, Best Female with CAC, Best of Breed and Best of Group 4!!!

Breed Judge: Rodi Hübenthal

Group Judge: Wera Hübenthal


Iris 18 months: Best Intermediate Female with Excellent and CK, Best Female with CAC and Best of Breed!

Judge: Wera Hübenthal

Owner: Knut Ivar


Thank you so much to the judges for aknowledging our dogs!


The kids also participated in Child and Dog, both very happy with the day! They had been waiting patiently for their next show, and finally the day arrived! Both had been training actively prior to the show, and they both love to participate. Hopefully we'll have some future junior handlers ;)


Pictured: Tea at the top, Iris in the middle, and Sander with Queenie at the bottom.


Next show for us is in December at the Nordic Winner Show in Sweden. That will be our last show for 2015. Hopefully we'll end the showyear great!


November 7th | by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår



This weekend it was the Norwegian Winner Show for us.

I brought with me Queenie, and Knut Ivar brought Iris.


Not a good day for Queenie. She placed third in her class, behind her half sister, and a female from Christen Lang. 

But it was a great day for the debut of both Knut Ivar and his malamute Trapline Voyager Iris. She placed 2nd in the junior class, presented herself beautifully! A really good class of high quality. Only beaten of the NJW title by her litter sister. A good promising start! Her sister also placed 2nd at the European Winner Show this year.


We didn't take much pictures, as we entered the ring at the same time, so this is all we have (sorry). More pictures at next show that'll take place in the beginning of November.


October 19th | by Stine | Photo by Heidi Johansen, Iris 17 months old



We attended the European Dog Show this weekend.

Fantastic show with so many beautiful dogs to look at!

Still, what we'll remember the most:


Queenie brought home the title EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER 2015!!!!!


She was completely out of coat, but still managed to win! She was also awarded resCAC and 2ND BEST FEMALE! And she's only 12 months!

Thank you so much to John for excellent handling and again for this treasure! Wow wow wow! And thank you to judge breed specialist Angelica Kammerscheid-Lammers! What a day to remember!


Next show for us will be the Norwegian Winner Show that takes place in October. Hope to see as many of you there!


September 7th | by Stine | Photo by Siri Larsen, Queenie 12 months old



I've wanted to buy this girl from she was born, and never thought she would be living with us. I almost died when John said he considered Queenie to live with us.


Queenie came with us home just for a period, on "loan", and we fell completely in love with her. Just thinking that she would leave would be horrible. So when John decided that she could stay, we were ecstatic!


Queenie is from Ølenskjold, and her full name is Ølenskjold's Queen O'Hearts.

She has an amazing type, and she just has the most amazing lovable personality. 

You may read more about her at the Shiba section.

A million thanks to John for Queenie!



August 5th | by Stine | Photo Ølenskjold, Queenie 5 months old



Tea (Victory Incipita Vita) attended a double national show this weekend. It was her show debut, and practise, in one, for the European Dog Show that is held in Oslo in September.


Saturday, Karmøy Dog Club July 25th:

1-1 Puppy Clas 4-6 months.

Best of Breed Puppy (Best of Opposite was Shibatroll's Raven of Tengai).

Best of Group Puppy 4 (9 in group)

Judge of breed and group: Irina Poletaeva from Finland.


Sunday, Norwegian Lhasa Apso Club July 26th:

1-1 Puppy Clas 4-6 months.

Best of Breed Puppy (Best of Opposite was Shibatroll's Raven of Tengai).

Judge of breed and group: Thomas Borkowski from Poland.


The kids also got to attend the Child & Dog Competition at Saturday. Sander with Tea, and Sol Tiril borrowed a shiba puppy from Kennel Shibatroll. Thank you very much to Shibatroll for letting us borrow one of their dogs. It was so nice for the kids to have each their dog to show :) For Sol Tiril it was a nice "come back", and for Sander a tryout. Both will be back in the showring!


A very nice weekend for everyone! And good training for Tea! She moved nicely with flow, and seemed to enjoy the experience, except for a 5 minuts offended blow out ;)

It was also nice to meet well known as well as new people! And GREAT being back in the showring!



July 26th| by Stine | Photo Joakim Valskår



We are finally back! It feels like a million! For you whom don't know our story, you may read it at the section "about us".


Our decision for a shiba was easy, as this was the closest we could get to our former breeds, in a smaller scale! We still get the special personality with lots of attitude we love. Their independent way of being, with lots of charm.


We looked around all over the world, and ended with a lovely girl from Czech Republic from very known and great lines. We fell in love imediately, she was perfect! You may view her at the Shiba site. Our wonderful Victory Incipita Vita, called Tea by us.


A huge thanks to Sofa for Tea, showing me her kennel and home, and not least, the town of Riga!



May 21st | by Stine | Photo Incipita Vita, Tea 7 weeks old

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