The Shiba Inu is a primal dog with excellent olfaction and guardian skills. It's the smallest of the National Japanese breeds, and is classified as a small to medium sized dog.


Height: 33-43 cm.

Weight: 7-11 kg.


FCI Approved colors:

Red, sesame and black & tan.


A Shiba Inu is Charming, Alert, Faithful, Confident, Vigilant and Fearless. 

Trust is a keyword for a good relationship between a Shiba and its owner.

They make excellent familydogs with proper training and upbringing.



Characterstrength and dignity


Sound temper


Natural grace and beauty

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2016 - A NEW YEAR


A new year has arrived, and we look back on 2015 with great joy! We got some really lovely new pack members here, and we brought home a EUROPEAN JUNIOR WINNER and a NORDIC JUNIOR WINNER title!


This year we have a lot of shows on our agenda.

First one will be in February, where all 3 girls will be seen in the showring. It will be our youngest, "Lila's", debut. 


There might be puppies here this year!


And possibly some other surprizes! So stay tuned!


With this we wish you all an exiting and lovely new year!

To view all our news of 2015, please click here.


January 3rd | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



EJW-15 Ølenskjold's Queen O' Hearts got her results today.

We are happy to announce that Queenie has classified A hips, and is free of HD! But sadly she has PL 2 on both sides, and is therefor not up for breeding anymore. A huge loss for our breeding stock, but Queenie will live happy as a pet in the future.


January 20th | by Stine | Photo by Ølenskjold, Queenie as puppy



The showyear has finally started!


When I signed them up I didn't even consider the fact that they might be shedding at this time of year, and especially not the puppy, Lila.

Tea started shedding in January, and is nearly finished now. So she has not much coat. Lila started next, loosing only the coat on her back legs, wonderful! And then, 6 days prior to the show Queenie lost a lot of coat, whole chunks falling out. What a luck!


Fortunately, we still decided to show all three, this being a small national show.


Lila debuted in the showring as a puppy, class 4-6 months, and was awarded Excellent and Best of Breed Puppy! In the groupfinals she also won Best of Group Puppy! So we will be back tomorrow for the Best In Show Final!


Tea participated as a junior, and Queenie in intermediate youngster class. Both was awarded Excellent with CK, and Tea was Best of Breed with CAC, and Queenie 2nd Best Female with res CAC!


In between the breed shows and group finals, the kids participated in the Child and Dog competition. Sol Tiril showed Tea, and Sander Queenie. 

Sol Tiril won 1st place, and she was so happy and proud!


Thank you so much to judge Zorica Salijevic and Jurate Butkiene for appreciating our dogs!


A really great start of the 2016 showyear!


Besides tomorrow, we'll be back in the showring next weekend, at the international show in Bø.


February 13th | by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår



We were back to Etne, with Lila whom won Best of Group Puppy yesterday.


Lila showed herself beautifully today, a quick learner ;)

Of all the beautiful dogs that were shown in the Best In Show Finale, she won not BIS 4, BIS 3 or BIS 2, but BEST IN SHOW PUPPY!!!!!


A huge thanks to judge Annika Ulltveit Moe, for once again appreciating one of our shibas!


What a lovely start to our showyear!


Hope to see you again next weekend at the international show in Bø.

We'll only show Queenie and Tea, as Lila is too young. But Lila will for sure be back in the showring later!


February 14th | by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår



A lovely continuing of the showyear today!

Tea did it again, with Excellent, 1st place Junior Female, CK, BEST FEMALE with CAC, and BEST OPPOSITE SEX!


Tea is 1 year old, and has all the certificates to become a Norwegian and Swedish Champion. Just have to wait for her 2 year old birthday and get her the last cert!


Thank you so much to judge Børge Espeland for appreciating Tea!


Sadly, we didn't get to take any pictures in the ring this time, so a cozy one will do ;)


Next show will be the international show in Kristiansand in 3 weeks.


February 20th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



3rd show this year, 2nd international show.


Tea was Best Junior Female with CK, then BEST FEMALE and finally BEST OF BREED!!! As she has all certificates, the CAC went to 2nd best female, and as she is only 1 year, she is too young for CACIB.

This is her third show this year, and so far she has 2 x BEST OF BREED and 1 x BEST OPPOSITE SEX! And at such young age!


Queenie was 2ND BEST FEMALE after Tea, with both CAC and CACIB!!!!

She is also very young, only 1,5 years old, and have achieved so much allready.


The judge loved both our females, but absolutely loved Tea's movements and expression. Thank you so much to judge György Tesics from Hungary!!!! For good feedback and judging, and for appreciating our girls so much!


Next show will be the international show in Bergen.


Queenie is starting to come into heat, so if the breeding is succesful, she will have her showbreak now.


Tea and Lila will continue in the showring throughout the year :)


March 13th | by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår




We got Patella checked on Tea today. We are so HAPPY that she is free of PL on both knees 0/0!!!!


Next time, we'll also check HD on Tea. Hopefully this will be just as good results!


March 23rd | by Stine | Photo by Incipita Vita, Tea as puppy



4th show this year, 3rd international show. This time we only showed Tea.


Tea was 2nd Best Female with CK.

Judge from Portugal: Francisco Salvador G. Janeiro.


Next show will be the annual Shiba Specialty Show in May! Can't wait to see all the gorgeous Shibas!


Unfortunately the picture were horrible, only snapped one with the mobile phone. Petter pictures next time ;) Tea is the third shiba from the left.


April 17th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



NORDJW-15 Victory Incipita Vita got her HD results today.

We are happy to announce that Tea has classified B hips on both sides, and is free of HD! 


May 2nd | by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår, from NKK Kristiansand



One of the year largest happenings for shiba owners; the Japanese Specialty Show!


At Saturday it was the Shiba Specialty, and at Sunday the Akita Specialty. We only stayed for the Shiba Specialty, as we were supposed to show both Tea and Lila, but Tea had absolutely no coat, and was in no show condition. Tea stayed home, but we still went with Lila, even though she's just a puppy.


It's such a nice gathering, and we didn't want to miss it, despite the fact that we didn't really have much to show. And it's good training for Lila to show and socialize.


This was Lila's second show. Last time she went all the way, BOBp, BOGp and BEST IN SHOW puppy. This time she was BEST OF BREED PUPPY and BEST IN SHOW 3 PUPPY! Thank you to shiba specialist, judge Lisbeth Campbell, for appreciating our Lila!


The weather was freezing, so we left soon after the show. Hopefully we'll stay longer next time! But we still had a really nice time seeing all the different shibas, and enjoying good company! We also got to meet Lila's brother again, and Knut's sister.


Next show will be in 2 weeks. We'll probably end up just showing Lila again, but we are hoping that Tea will have a massive change in those two weeks ;p We'll go either way, as this show is pretty close to home.


May 15th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



We went with Tea and Lila, even though Tea had NO coat. Tea was 2nd best female with CK and Lila was Best of Breed Puppy. Judge: Ricky Lochs-Romans, The Netherlands.


Next show will not be until July, as our shibas have no coat, except for Lila. Lila will be 9 months in the end of June, so we'll start showing again right after that. But stay tuned as we'll have more news before next show.


May 28th | by Stine | Photo by Lisa Johansen of Lila from the Shibaspecialty.



Knut Ivar and I travelled down to Gianni  and Olga, at Kennel Samurai and Kennel Merkulov, in Italy. There were so many wonderful Shibas to see. Also Hokkaido, Akita and American Akita.

After 3 wonderful days with fantastic food and great company, we came home with a new addition to our pack; an amazing male from World Winner Samurai Giardini Di Meiji and World Winner Merkulov Daichi Isami.


His name is Satoshi Samurai, and you may view him at the dog site. More new photos to come.

We are madly in love with this male, so strong and muscular, with such nice face and expression! We are very exited to see his development!

Thank you to Gianni and Olga for this awesome male! And thank you for great hospitaly and great experience! We'll visit again!


July 3rd| by Stine | Photo by Samurai



After our Summer holiday, it was back in the showring. 

Tea was 1st place Intermediate Clas and 2nd Best Female with CK. She allready have all the certificates, so no more CAC for her.

Lila was 2nd place Junior Clas and 3rd Best Female with CK and resCAC. Completely out of coat, but still good training for her.

Satoshi debuted in the showring with BEST OF BREED PUPPY, BEST OF GROUP PUPPY, and finally BEST IN SHOW 3 PUPPY!!!

A great debut for our Italian boy.

Thank you so much to breed and BIS judge Petru Muntean from Romania, and group judge Jadranka Miljatovic from Croatia, for appreciating our dogs!

Stine was handeling Tea and Satoshi, and Knut Ivar Lila.

As Knut Ivar was available, he also got to show Sae for John (Ølenskjold) in the group finale, and she was Best in Group 2. 

So all in all a very nice day! Lovely to be showing again! And always lovely to meet known people!

New show allready tomorrow!


July 30th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


Second day, round two:


Lila was 3rd Best Female with her first CAC!


A very nice day!


Thank you so much to breed judge Jadranka Miljatovic from Croatia,

group judge Harto Stockmari from Suomi Finland,

and BIS judge Celine Botussi Jocquel from France!!!

July 31st| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


This month we went to Lillehammer. A complete luck with the weather, as the sun decided to stay the entire day without any rain!

Our shibas was a bit tired as we were the last one in the ring, but we still have some results to show for.

Tea was BEST OPPOSITE SEX! She showed herself beautiful in the ring. Such nice flow to her movements!


We also met some new people. It was a very nice day, good company and nice weather, completed with some wins ;)

Thank you so much to breed judge Martin Croeser from Sout Africa!

Also thank you so much to group judge Geir Nordahl Pedersen from Norway, and BIS judge Liz Cartledge from England!!!

Next show will be an international show in September.

Hopefully Lila will have grown her coat back by then, and being back into shape.

August 15th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


We are home from another trip to Italy, and this time we have TWO treasures with us:

Hirohito Samurai, our first BLACK & TAN shiba!

Even though we prefer red, we are very happy to be having at least one of this color. And this boy is a really good example of a shiba, no matter what color! I allready fell in love with Hirohito when we visited Gianni last time, so to get him home now was fantastic!

Hirohito is after the same male as our Satoshi; WW-15 ITCH Samurai Giardini DiMeiji, but different mum. Please take a look at his own page to see more about the lines behind his mother. We are pretty exited! These lines have given some of the best black and tan I know.

The other one, Hanagomika Samurai, is our first HOKKAIDO!!! This is also the first hokkaido in Norway!!! This is all very new, and the road will be made as we go, and we are looking forward to see where it will take us!


Mika is after two World Winners (2015 and 2016), both from Japan. They have beautiful type and body! We are most happy about her!

Thank you again to Gianni and Olga for such wonderful dogs! Also for the best hospitaly you can find!

August 24th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


New show again!


It was Satoshi's debut show as a junior, and he went all the way and ended BEST OF BREED and gained his first big CAC! Only 9 months old, just old enough to compete against the adult!

Tea was 2nd Best Female with CK and res CACIB!

Thanks to judge Eli-Marie Klepp from Norway.

We also had a lovely time with good company, and luckely nice weather!

Next show for us will be in October. A small show before the larger winner shows begins.

September 11th| by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår


We are happy to announce that Lila, Uqqutaq's Foggie Kijanka, is free of patellaluxation and hip dysplasia!!!!

PL: 0/0


September 23rd| by Stine | Photo by Lisa Johansen


The kids wanted to show the dogs, so we signed them up at the clubshow nearby. The show was only one hour away.

Sol Tiril won 1st place in Child & Dog. She participated with Tea.

She also showed Tea in the BOB/BOS finale.

Sander won 2nd place in Child & Dog. He participated with Hirohito.

It was Hirohito's first show. Very good training for him, but he's still just a baby, so he needs more training. He was Best of Breed Puppy, Best of Group Puppy and Best In Show 3 Puppy.

Mika was Best of Breed. But did not want to participate any more when the group started.

Tea was Best Female, and Lila was 2nd Best Female. Tea ended up Best Opposite Sex.

Satoshi was Best Male and Best of Breed. He was also Best of Group 2.

Thanks to judge Gro Svandalsflona.

It was good training for all dogs. Everyone needs it, besides Tea. Now we are looking forward to November when all the large winner shows begins.

October 2nd| by Stine | Photo by Joakim Valskår


We went to Denmark this weekend, to the large International Nordic Winner Sho! We met so many nice people and aquintances, and we also took home some results:

Satoshi was



He got his first Danish CAC and was also


Tea was SO CLOSE! The judge had a hard time to decide, so a lot of running for me ;) She ended up as 2nd BEST FEMALE and gained her Danish CAC.

This means, Tea has now all the certificate needed to become a NORWEGIAN, SWEDISH, DANISH AND NORDIC CHAMPION!

Lila was also SO CLOSE gaining the Nordic Junior Winner title, as she was 2nd Best Junior Female.

Thank you SO MUCH to judge Oliver Simon!!!

Next show is already next weekend! We have a lot of shows coming up this month, so stay tuned!

And we are hoping for a mating this week as well :)

November 7th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


A very lovely show weekend, despite illness and fever.

Good company and good results:

Satoshi was BEST OF BREED with CAC!

Tea was completely out of coat, as last weekend, but was 2nd Best Female. She will have a break from the showring for a while, till she's back in condition, and possibly have had puppies ;D

Hirohito was BEST OF BREED PUPPY & BEST OF GROUP 4 PUPPY. He was soooo tired in the group finale, but we'll train him more frequently, as he is entering the adult rings next time.

Thank you so much to judge Tarja Talvitie!

Next show is next weekend at Dogs4All/Norwegian Winner Show.

November 13th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


Another show is over. We had a lovely day with good company, and our Satoshi brought home a new title:


Thank you to judge Veli-pekka Kumpumäki.

We also joined the Norwegian Shiba Club's stand at the show.

We are now getting closer to this year's final show. Our next and last show will be in Sweden at the Swedish Winner Show. We will only bring Satoshi, due to pregnancies and shedding.

November 20th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


This years last show. And it ended amazing!

We only showed Satoshi, and he brought home:



Swedish CAC and BOS!

Which means he has all the certificate needed to be a Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion.

Thank you so much to Judge Tapio Eerola!!!

Next show will be in February 2017, so a long break for us now.

Now its time for Christmas and birthdays for our kids.

And we are strongly hoping for hoping for puppies in January!

December 5th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen

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