The Shiba Inu is a primal dog with excellent olfaction and guardian skills. It's the smallest of the National Japanese breeds, and is classified as a small to medium sized dog.


Height females: 35-38 cm

Height males: 38-41 cm

Weight: 7-11 kg


FCI Approved colors:

Red, sesame and black & tan.


A Shiba Inu is Charming, Alert, Faithful, Confident, Vigilant and Fearless. 

Trust is a keyword for a good relationship between a Shiba and its owner.

They make excellent familydogs with proper training and upbringing.



Characterstrength and dignity


Sound temper


Natural grace and beauty

BOBp BOGp4 at national show Norway




Last litter of the year has arrived! What a birth and what a night!

Lila gave birth to 6 puppies!!!

Two red females, two red males, one B&T female and one B&T male. 

Mum and puppies are doing fine. Now resting after the hard work :)

You may view more about the parents at the page nursery.

November 17th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Hirohito's second stud service resulted in 5 puppies yesterday. 

Lillekos Bansai Natsu Hana gave birth to 1 red female and 4 males, 2 red and 2 black & tan.

Natsu is doing fantastic within weight pull. She is a EWP11 Grand Champion! She got 3rd place at the Norway Cup, and got qualified to Euro Cup 2017. 

So hopefully there will be a new weight pull winner amongst them.


A huge congratulations to Tone B. Nilsen and Kennel Lillekos!!!

November 12th| by Stine | Photo by Lillekos

Stine Valskar 

mobile: (+47) 412 54 477


Knut Ivar Birkeland

mobile: (+47) 928 02 835




Sandvikdalen 19

4208 Saudasjoen



Reg in NKK FCI in 2012

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The Norwegian Kennel Club, region Rogaland, had its annual puppy show this weekend. There hasn't been a lot of showing lately, due to puppies and baby, but we finally got some air under our wings :)

It was Masato's first show (Hikay's Top Gun).

He was BEST OF BREED PUPPY, and then BEST OF GROUP 3 PUPPY in the group finals!!!


BOSp of the day was a japanese import female. And 2nd best male was a male after a japanese sire. So extra fun when things turn out well, when you have competitors from the shiva's home country.

Thank you so much to judge Ingrid Prytz Ohm!

We are hoping to join another show at the end of the year. We did plan a lot of larger shows, as usual, but we have to skip 3 of them, due to more expecting litters. And I must admit, having a baby is much more work then I remember from before ;)

October 22nd | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen & NKK Rogaland



The puppies are finally here! 

Tea gave birth to 3 lovely red females September 6th! All 3 are of good and even size. One of the females will be staying here with us. 

To read more about the litter, view our nursery here.

September 6th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Hirohito's first litter is born at Kennel Uquutaq!


We had the pleasure of Kine visiting us with her lovely female Luna (Qannik's Cria Luna) 9 weeks ago. Luna is mother of our Lila, and she gave birth to 5 B&T puppies. 3 males and 2 females, all healthy and strong!

Our biggest congratulations to Kine Skaugen at Kennel Uquutaq!

August 15th| by Stine | Photo by Uquutaq


Some of you have asked if we had any plans of importation in the nearest future. We were not supposed to take in any more before Stine's delivery, but with new regulations coming up, and in need of a male of completely different bloodlines, Knut Ivar decided he could go get the dog without Stine, as long as it was in EU/EØS. 

After a lot of obstacles, we are very happy to finally welcome home:
HIKAY'S TOP GUN, or Masato as we will call him.

Masato is after two Copperdots shibas, and he represents something really different from what we have from before. We think he'll bring something very interesting into our breeding, and he will of course be joining us around at all the shows. 

He is the 1st pick in a litter of 4 males, and we are most thankful to Irene for this boy! He has wonderful structure and movement, and is really set for his age.

Please take a look at his own page here.

July 1st| by Stine | Photo by Hikay



New weekend and new show! This time in Oslo.

This was Tea's last show before we try to breed her again.

She was Best Female and BEST OPPOSITE SEX with CAC and CACIB.



We are most happy about this! She can have a well deserved break!

Stine has been staying in bed for several weeks, but this time she could finally join the show, and also handle Tea. 

Satoshi was 3BMC, beaten by his half brother and a beautiful Japanese male.

Thank you so much to judge Lisbeth Mach!

We also had a really nice time, visiting a breeder at Saturday, and socialising at the show at Sunday.

Next show will be at the end of July. We'll travel all 5 + dogs, to enjoy a double show and stay, to really enjoy the weekend.

June 11th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



This weekend the Norwegian Akita Club and the Norwegian Shiba Club held their double japanese specialty show. We only participated at the Shiba Club's show at Sunday. There were 45 shibas signed up. Knut Ivar went alone with two of our dogs. Judge was the same as last show; Eivind Mjærum.

Satoshi met his half brother in the same class, but made 1st place with excellent and CQ. He ended 4BMC.

Saemi was 3rd best champion female with excellent and CQ.

Not the best day! Next show is next weekend at the international show NKK Oslo.

June 4th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



We had the pleasure of finally going to a show again! It's only been 2 moths since last show, but it feels like forever. Due to Stine's pregnancy condition, we don't have the possibility to go very far. This show was held only a few hours away, so we were very happy to go! 

We brought two dogs:

Satoshi was BEST OF BREED and later BEST OF GROUP 2!!! 

Tea was 2BFC, and we were hoping for her last small CAC, but was beaten by the Japanese female Koshiwa Saikoume. 

Both dogs showed themselves beautifully, it was so nice to show them!

And it was fantastic to be at a show again!

Thank you so much to breed- and groupjudge Grita Joneliene!

It is possible there will be a new show in June. Either with or without Stine. But Knut Ivar might go to show a few of our dogs before Stine's delivery. Hope to see more of you there!

May 7th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Hirohito was checked for PL and HD yesterday.

We are very satisfied to announce that he is FREE of PL!!! PL: 0/0

He is also free of HD!!! HD: B Hips!


April 25th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



The Norwegian Shiba Club has released their Top Shiba List for 2016.

Tea was Top Shiba #4 2016 and Top Junior Shiba #2 2016.

We didn't get to show Tea at the Shiba Specialty due to shedding, or the larger winner shows in the end of 2016 due to breeding, so we are very very happy with this result! We have posted her results earlier, but since we are already bragging, we are adding that she gained all certificates needed to become a Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion by 2016. And that she was 2nd Best Female for the second time at the Nordic Winner Show.

Satoshi was Top Shiba #9 2016

As he started his grown up career late September, and only one show abroad counts on this list, we are also happy with his results. Winning large in both Sweden and Denmark! In 3 months he gained all certificates to become a Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Nordic Champion, as well as 5 titles!!!


Thanks to all judges!


April 17th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



One of the last shows before the baby is born. Since Stine cannot show do to her pregnancy condition, Knut Ivar took on the handling job for all 4 dogs. 

This was the last the show for our two females Saemi and Tea for the first half of 2017. They will both be breed soon. Tea was shedding massively, but we still took her with us, since she only misses one CAC for her 4 champion titles, and since she will be having this show break. 

Saemi placed BEST FEMALE with both CAC and CACIB, and ended BOS!

Which means she gained another champion title, and is now also a NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!

Tea placed 3rd best female class. She will be back in the showring after her litter for her last CAC.

Satoshi was also shedding, I had no faith that we would get all the loose coat off, but Knut Ivar managed to do magic, and Satoshi was able to be shown.

He placed 3rd best male class.

Hirohito, our youngster placed 4th best male class with resCAC.

Thanks to judge Eivind Mjærum!

And thanks for all the nice company the evening before the show!


March 19th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



The showyear of 2017 has begun with the national show in Etne. The West coast's first show in Norway this year.

We had signed up both our males, but since Satoshi was shedding, with large patches falling off, we just showed Hirohito.


This was Hirohito's first show as a junior, now 9,5 months old. He got his first CAC, and was BEST OPPOSITE SEX!

Thanks to judge Børge Espeland.

Sadly, we will not attend the show in Bø.

Next show will therefor be the international show in Kristiansand. 


February 11th | by Stine | Photo by J. Valskar



We welcome home a stunning Japanese female:

JPCH Koshiwa No Saemi Go Koshiwasou!

A beautiful girl with stunning looks and sweet temper.

Thank you again Gianni for letting us have Saemi! She is a little dream! As the other boys we have from you! We are very exited to have her, and to see how she will do in Norway.

To read more about Saemi, visit her own page here.


January 29th | by Stine | Photo by Samurai

2017 - A NEW YEAR


Another year has passed, and what a year! It is so nice to have a partner that loves to show as much as I do, and to share this together.

It has been so nice in the showring, with lots of good company, and many nice visits at breeders and dog owners. A really lovely year.

The showyear of 2017 was filled with lots of wins. Many BOB and BOS, as well as higher rankings. The puppies had a stunning year with lots of BIS and BIS placements. We also took home 5 winner titles this year:

Norwegian Junior Winner

Swedish Junior Winner

Swedish Winner

Nordic Junior Winner

Nordic Winner

We thank all judges for appreciating our shibas, and to all friends and aquintances that made this year so nice!

Now, we currently have a super nice pack of 4 shibas, all amazing in both their personalities and exterior. In 2017 we are hoping for 2 litters, and we want to keep something from both breedings. So hopefully, our stock will grow a little again.


This year we'll also start show our BT male Hirohito, as he now passes 9 months old. We are very much looking forward to see how he'll do.

Our first show will be in February this year.

Right now we are just enjoying the time together, and looking forward to the mountains awakenes again.

With this we wish you all a lovely new year!

To view all our news of 2016, please click here.


January 1st | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen

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