The Shiba Inu is a primal dog with excellent olfaction and guardian skills. It's the smallest of the National Japanese breeds, and is classified as a small to medium sized dog.


Height females: 35-38 cm

Height males: 38-41 cm

Weight: 7-11 kg


FCI Approved colors:

Red, sesame and black & tan.


A Shiba Inu is Charming, Alert, Faithful, Confident, Vigilant and Fearless. 

Trust is a keyword for a good relationship between a Shiba and its owner.

They make excellent familydogs with proper training and upbringing.



Characterstrength and dignity


Sound temper


Natural grace and beauty

BOBp BOGp4 at national show Norway




As many of you know we are having a show break. Our last show was in May, and our break will continue in 2019. We have some special private circumstances that require our attention, which means we will prioritze differently for a while. It is possible we'll show in between, but not as frequently as we usually do. 

We had one planned litter for September, but unfortunately she was empty. We are therefor planning 2 litters in 2019. Please view our plans!

November 15th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen




This weekend was Gronsdalsvingens Chikai's debut show. Chikai is Chibi's litter sister and owned by Christina Bell Eriksen. Christina really did a wonderful job showing her of, handling for the first time!

Chikai was Best of Breed Puppy and then BEST OF GROUP PUPPY 4!!!

September 1st | by Stine | Photo by Christina Bell Eriksen


Stine Valskar 

mobile: (+47) 412 54 477


Knut Ivar Birkeland

mobile: (+47) 928 02 835



Reg in NKK FCI in 2012

location: Sandvikdalen 19,

4208 Saudasjoen, Norway



This weekend was Chibi's debut show. 

She got a wonderful critique and was Best of Breed Puppy, but unfortunately she did not want to go in the group finals. We have high hopes for this girl, and we are hoping she will show herself wonderfully in the future. 

Chibi is from our kennel, but is shown and owned by Kine Skaugen at Kennel Uquutaq.

August 19th| by Stine | Photo by Kine Skaugen 

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Another show weekend for us, this time at a national show in Norway. 
We only showed Masato, as he is the only one in show condition.

Masato was Best Junior Male with Excellent, CQ and his first CAC! He was then BEST OF BREED! 

A big thanks to judge Jeff Luscott! We always love it when judges explains their thinking, and this was no exception!

It was also a very lovely day, with stunning weather and high temperatures! 

June will be a show free month for us. Stine will be going to Greece. But we'll be back in July, and this time we'll also start campaigning our own bred Chibi! It will be her debut show, a national double in the end of July!

Hope to see you there!

May 27th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



We are so happy to announce the arrival of Tea's litter! Tea gave birth to 4 puppies this morning, 3 boys and 1 girl <3 The happy father is our gorgeous Masato. This combination should give offspring with amazing anatomy! Tea has done incredibly well at shows, and Masato has starting what we think will be a great show career too! View our available site, and visit Tea's and Masato's own pages!

May 9th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Masato's coat is starting to build up again. Not good yet, but much much better! This time it was a Nordic Show.

Masato was completely unfocused, so we need to do some serious training before the shiba specialty this year. He was still Best Junior Male, and 2nd Best Male in Total with reserve CAC and reserve NORDIC CAC. So we were most happy with that!

Judge of the day: Jarmo Vuorinen.

Next show will be the annual Japanese Specialty Show in May. We only have Masato to show, as Chibi is only a week to young to participate. 

Sorry, no good photos. Hopefully better next time ;)


April 8th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Hikay's Top Gun, "Masato", got his health results today! 

He was checked for HD and PL.

HD: B Free!!!

PL: 0 Free/1 Low Degree

March 23th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



2018's first show for us! We had signed up for a show in February, but Masato lost huge chunks of his coat, and we had nothing to show for. Even though Masato's coat was not back in full condition (more exactly naked), we still participated at this weekends show; the international show in Kristiansand.

We only have Masato to campaign this Spring. We'll also start to campaign our own breed Chibi this Summer. 

This was Masato's first show as a junior. It was a lot of really nice males! I could easily had taken two of them home with me. 

Masato was Best Junior Male with Excellent and CQ. He was also 4th Best Male in Total. Judge for the day: Breedspecialist Christen Lang.

It was a really nice day! Great to meet acquaintances again, and really entertaining with open judgement! 


March 18th| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen




What an amazing morning! Saemi gave birth to 3 red girls!!! All 3 babies are about 250 grams, and the babies and mum are doing so well :) Saemi is the best mum!

This is Stine's dreamlitter! She has wanted to use Hiro since she saw him at EDS in Oslo 2015! Hiro is an amazing male with fantastic structure and type, and a super temperament! With Saemi's amazing temper and gorgeous type, these babies should be some knockouts! We cannot wait to see them grow and follow their development!

A huge thanks to Anna Shinina for flying Hiro to Oslo, making this possible for us! With a newborn we could not have flown out to Russia at this moment, and we are most thankful to her! We made 2 trips to Oslo, first time in October, to extract semen, and back in November to inseminate.

A lot of work, and lets be honest, a lot of money, has paid of! We are of course hoping there will be a fenomenal girl for us to keep!


January 31st| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen

2018 - A NEW YEAR


Another year is soon to pass, quite different than the year before that.

2016 was a big show year with lots of shows and lots of wins and winner titles. 2017 was a year with fewer shows, with me being pregnant, and more babies: baby and puppies! We still managed to take with us some wins, which shows at the Shiba of the year list. Tea and Satoshi is ranking among the top 10, despite the fact that we did not show much this year. We'll post the results when the list is final. 

Tea also gained following new titles:





And Saemi can add one more title:


2018 holds another different year. We are going for Satoshi's last certificate. He just turned 2, so he only misses one small certificate to become Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Champion. After that, he will be retired from the showring, along with Tea and Saemi. This means we will start campaigning Masato.

At the puppy side, Lila's puppies will leave us in the middle of January. Lila will be returning to her hosts, now as theirs to own, and she will not be part of our breeding anymore. We are hoping for 2 litters in 2018, and to keep something for ourselves!

With this we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


December 22nd| by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen

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