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The Shiba Inu is a primal dog with excellent olfaction and guardian skills. It's the smallest of the National Japanese breeds, and is classified as a small to medium sized dog.


Height females: 35-38 cm

Height males: 38-41 cm

Weight: 7-11 kg


FCI Approved colors:

Red, sesame and black & tan.


A Shiba Inu is Charming, Alert, Faithful, Confident, Vigilant and Fearless. 

Trust is a keyword for a good relationship between a Shiba and its owner.

They make excellent familydogs with proper training and upbringing.



Characterstrength and dignity


Sound temper


Natural grace and beauty

Stine Valskar Birkeland

mobile: (+47) 412 54 477

e-mail: stine.valskar@gmail.com

Knut Ivar Birkeland

mobile: (+47) 928 02 835

e-mail: kibirkeland@hotmail.com


Reg in NKK FCI in 2012

location: Sandvikdalen 19,

4208 Saudasjoen, Norway

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BOBp BOGp4 at national show Norway




Masato has passed the silver dog back pack test!

Executed with his trainer and co-owner Tone B Nilsen!

They will go for the gold dog backpack test this year as well. 

August 11th| by Grønsdalsvingen | Photo by Tone B Nilsen



Grønsdalsvingens Lady gained her first CAC this weekend!

And she was also BEST OPPOSITE SEX!

Huge Congratulations to her owner and handler Liv Sissel Urke! And thank you to judge Andrew Beare!

July 13th| by Stine | Photo by Liv Sissel Urke



This weekend it was the Japanese Specialty shows for the breeds:

Akita, Shiba, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kishu and Kai.

Masato (Hikay's Top Gun) was given Excellent with CQ both days, and ended as 4th Best Male total at Saturday for the judge Hans Almgren!!! Judge on Sunday was Christen Lang.

Congratulations to handler and co-owner is Tone B. Nilsen! 

We are very happy!!! 

June 9th| by Stine | Photo by Tone B Nilsen



Gronsdalsvingens Chibi got her HD results today! We are exstatic to say she has A hips on both sides, and is completely FREE of HD!

She was also tested for PL, but she will have a retest, since it was not performed correctly according to a physical therapist.

Her sister was also tested. Gronsdalsvingens Chikai has HD C - low degree, and PL 0/0!!! We are happy with these results!

June 6th| by Stine | Photo of Chibi by Kine Skaugen



Tea gave birth to 4 puppies!!! 2 girls and 2 boys!!! 

This combination was a redo of a litter that only gave one female last time. Since we could not keep her, we wanted to make something to keep this time. This is the only redo-over we have done. You may read more at the puppy page.

May 15th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Masato went for the bronze dog pack test today, and passed!

Executed with his trainer and co-owner Tone B Nilsen!

Tone you rock!

We love to see shibas do well in working tests, as well as exterior shows!

Tone is also training Masato for weight pull. Will be very interesting to see how well they do!

May 12th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Saemi finally gave birth to 2 puppies April 20th! 1 girl and 1 boy, both red! A highly longed and waited for litter! Soon we'll post more photos!

The combination was made to make something that both we and Kennel Kichiko (owner of the male) could keep. You may follow the puppies as they grown on facebook. To read more about the litter view the puppy page.

April 20th | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen



Second day, another national show in Oslo. 

Masato went all the way to BEST OF BREED! Thanks to judge Kimmo Mustonen!!!

Congratulation to his co-owner and handler Tone B. Nilsen!

Also huge congratulations to Tone with her female Natsu, that was BOS, and received the longed for Norwegian Champion title!

Unfortunately Tone did not have the possibility to stay for the group finals. 

March 3rd | by Stine | Photo by Tone B Nilsen



Masato was given his second CAC today, at a national show in Oslo! 

He was Best Youth Male, and 2ND BEST MALE in total! Thanks to judge Ana Beatriz Knoll for appreciating Masato!

A huge congratulation to his co-owner Tone B. Nilsen! Tone was also the handler of the day!

As we don't have any photos from the show, we show of Masato's photo taken last year.

March 2nd | by Stine | Photo by Grønsdalsvingen


2019 - A NEW YEAR


2018 was a very different year for us. January to May went as usual, with shows and breeding. A bit hectic with a baby on the arm, but doable. From May and the rest of the year we had a big showbreak. Stine had two surgeries, and Stine's oldest son had a very frequent visitationschedule at the hospital.

2 litters were born at Gronsdalsvingen last year. One of them was Stine's dream litter between a Japanese female and a Russian male! Stine had been dreaming about using this male for years, and to get puppies out of him and Saemi was fantastic! You may read all about it by here.

We are planning two litters this year. One of them an amazing combination between two Japanese shibas, one a Japanese Champion, and the other one a Nippo Winner!

The other litter will probably be a redoing of the combination that gave us Gronsdalsvingens Lady "Aki". You may view her at the photos. She is the one at the right at both pictures, with two of her playmates.

Hopefully we'll get a new star (or stars) out of these litters to show in the future.

To read our previous news, you may choose news at the top meny, and then choose the year you would like to view.


January 17th| by Stine | Photo by Liv H. Urke