The Shiba Inu is a primal dog with excellent olfaction and guardian skills. It's the smallest of the National Japanese breeds, and is classified as a small to medium sized dog.


Height females: 35-38 cm

Height males: 38-41 cm

Weight: 7-11 kg


FCI Approved colors:

Red, sesame and black & tan.


A Shiba Inu is Charming, Alert, Faithful, Confident, Vigilant and Fearless. 

Trust is a keyword for a good relationship between a Shiba and its owner.

They make excellent familydogs with proper training and upbringing.



Characterstrength and dignity


Sound temper


Natural grace and beauty

BOBp BOGp4 at national show Norway



2020 is a very different year for all of us. Our plans have changed more than once. We decided to try for another litter this year, but the breeding was not successful. We have decided to not have any more litters, in an undecided period of time.

Sep 6th| by Stine | Photo of Grønsdalsvingens Lady "Aki", taken by her owner Liv Sissel H. Urke. Aki has the same mother as the female we'll breed now.

Stine Valskar Birkeland

mobile: (+47) 412 54 477


Knut Ivar Birkeland

mobile: (+47) 928 02 835



Reg in NKK FCI in 2012

location: Sandvikdalen 19,

4208 Saudasjoen, Norway

2020 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

May it be the best of years so far!

2 litters were born at Gronsdalsvingen last year. The first litter between two Japanese shibas, Saemi a Japanese Champion, and Hakki a Honbusho Nippo Winner! Saemi gave us 2 puppies, a girl and a boy. 

The second litter was between our most winning female Tea, and our English import from the Copperdots lines. Tea gave us 4 puppies, 2 of each sex. 

At the showfront, we had a showbreak through whole 2019. We had a few of our former pups being shown by their new owners, and Tone showed our co-owned male Masato. She also started on getting his backpack tests, and got both the bronze and silver tests this year. In 2020 Tone will go for the last one, the gold test.

We are also planning a litter this year. But only one this year. Knut Ivar is on a 3 on 3 off rotation in the North Sea, and Stine is changing her job in March. We do need to keep a female this time, as we have way to few shibas today. 

And we need something new to show, and then be back in the showring ;)

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January 1st| by Stine | Photo of two of the puppies born this year, taken by their new owners: Lala at the top, Emasa in the middle. And all the puppies born in 2019 together at the bottom, by Marco Demmer.

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