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Grønsdalsvingen started up in 2012 by Stine, and partially her husband, at that time, Svein. The kennel was named after Grønsdal, where they build one of their homes. Grønsdalsvingen was by first Stine's passion, but both of them participated actively with the dogs.

From 2015 Grønsdalsvingen was owned by Stine only, and after June 2016 Grønsdalvingen is co-owned with Knut Ivar.


From earlier, Stine has been exhibiting and breeding (also judging) other animals, since the year 2000. And she also had other dog breeds before. 

Therefor, starting up with shiba has had a quick progression with good results in the showring.

Stine grew up with dogs and animals, and it have always taken a greater part in her life. 

Knut Ivar started up with dogs later in life, with an Alaskan Malamute. Stine taught him all she knew when it came to shows and handling. His first dog show was a Norwegian Winner Show, and he got completely hocked. With time he has become a really good handler. 

Both Stine and Knut Ivar handles the dog in the showring and is training them at home.

Privately, Stine works within business economy as an authorized accountant and as an economical advisor. Knut Ivar works offshore as a wireline operator.

Stine has 3 children, Sol Tiril born in 2006, Sander in 2010 and Emil in 2017. Emil is Knut Ivar's son.

Stine and Knut Ivar live in Sauda, which is a small place at the western coast of Norway. 


The pack consist of a small amount of shibas of high quality. Each and everyone of them will be part of the showteam and breedingstock. All shibas will be checked for HD (hip dysplasia) and PL (patella luxation). We consider PL to be the most frequent and lifechanging problem of the shiba inu, and consider PL testing to be of the highest necessity.

The dogs have their own outdoor facility, as well as their own yard. But they stay both inside in the house with us and outside. 

When we have puppies, the puppies stay inside in a puppy bin. When we have puppies at the Summer, they start to go outside at 3-4 weeks, a little at the time. 

We strive to have a smaller amount that really stands out!

Last updated May 14th 2019

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